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Find local businesses in your area with our online directory service. Need a tradesman? Planning a wedding? Or simply want to find the number for a local restaurant. We have it all under one roof. Only local businesses are allowed to advertise their businesses with Southport Directory's online directory service so you'll be sure you are supporting local people.

All business must be local Southport businesses and surrounding area or be prepared to travel and work with the Southport and surrounding areas to advertise with us.

The more businesses that advertise with us the bigger our website will grow promoting local Southport businesses. Support us while we support you.

Why advertise with us?

It's free advertising. Is there any more of a reason?

We all know advertising is the main part of any business, but can become very costly. At Southport Directory we want to make advertising your business our number 1 aim. How much is this going to cost? Well it cost's nothing, advertising in our online directory service starts for FREE.

We are supported by local businesses and Our main sponsor has hosted this website free for the first 2 years and has even built the website for us for free.

Why would they do this? The internet has become the home to millions for making large financial gain. It was first invented by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. The World Wide Web was ment to be a free source of information for everyone. Here we are trying to do our part in making the internet how it was intended.

Any money that is made from business advertising on this website is put straight back into advertising this website. So any money you do pay us we use to promote your business.