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Privacy Policy

General Privacy statement

Southport Directory respects the privacy of the personal information given to us, therefore personal details such as your name,c and e-mail address, or any other personal information you may provide WILL NOT BE GIVEN OUT TO ANY THIRD PARTIES PERSONS OR COMPANIES, NOR WILL ANY INFORMATION BE SOLD OR GIVEN AS A GIFT TO ANYONE OUT SIDE OF Southport Directory

Sites linked off Southport Directory

Southport Directories site contains many links to other Internet interest sites on the Internet operated by other webmasters and companies. Therefore Southport Directory cannot control information nor the way other sites regulate their readers personal information. Southport Directory cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or content of other web sites. However Southport Directory has taken time and care to make sure the links provided are to genuine sites of a responsible nature. But this can not be gauranteed.